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A subsidiary of GLOBE HI-FABS LLP, GHFME was formed almost 10 years ago (2013) in the UAE to aid in the marketing and business development processes of GHF by securing orders for new aviation fuelling equipment from the Middle East and African markets. Within two years, many new contacts were made and orders were secured, but one fact was made very clear – the African market mainly demands refurbished/reconditioned equipment instead of new equipment.

With this in mind and also the fact that Africa is poised to become the biggest aviation market in the world over the next two decades, GHFME decided to use its engineering and technical expertise to refurbish and recondition used equipment, thereby making it operationally solid and reusable for a much longer period of time. We have a strategic partnership with a very reputed company who have the distinction of being called the pioneers in the field of refurbishing all types of heavy equipment in UAE, including aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers. Their facility in Dubai is well-equipped with all the manpower and machinery required to make sure that all refurbishment jobs that are undertaken will be completed in the best possible manner, complete with a stringent initial inspection process to determine the best course of action thereafter.

All our brand new aviation fuelling equipment is manufactured and assembled at our facility in India (GHF LLP) and this equipment is exported all over the world. So whether you need fully refurbished or brand new equipment or even a combination of both, we’re here to help provide you with exactly what you need!


We are the doctor that old and used equipment requires to diagnose the problem and then cure it.

We are the plastic surgeon that will make the old equipment get back into shape and look almost brand new.

We are the trainer that tells the equipment how to be consistent with their operations and maintenance so that it can always look and feel as good as it does post reconditioning.

Did someone say ‘miracle worker’?


At GHFME, it is our endeavour to provide you with the best-in-class refurbished/reconditioned refuellers and dispensers you can get. All our offers include shipping to your nearest port as well, so we strive hard to make it as easy as possible for the units to reach your final destination. All units brought to the facility in Dubai undergo a very stringent inspection and an equally strenuous refurbishment/reconditioning process.

All chasses/prime movers are subject to the servicing and checking of:

  • Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Water Separator
  • Gear Oil
  • Differential Oil
  • Coolant
  • Brake Oil
  • A/C Filter
  • A/C Overhaul
  • Brake System Overhaul

The mechanical work on the tanker-trailer includes overhauling the brake system and the ABS system.

The heart and soul of aviation fuelling equipment, the Fuel Dispensing System, undergoes the following:

  • Reconditioning of the Pneumatic System
  • Checking and reconditioning the Hydraulic System
  • Reconditioning of the Electrical System
  • Reconditioning of the Fuel System
  • Reconditioning of the Interlock System

All parts and components that we feel have reached the end of their life cycle are replaced with brand new ones. These can include interlocks, pneumatic joints/lines, aviation hoses, hydraulic hoses, fuelling/defueling nozzles, filter elements, PD meters, electrical lights, etc. All replacements differ from vehicle to vehicle.

Additionally, to make sure that the units we provide post refurbishment continue to serve our clients for an additional 10-15 years at least, we mainly buy used units that were manufactured in year 2000 or above.  

All units comply with the latest editions of industry standards and
international guidelines like JIG, IP, API, ATA 103, and others.

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